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Corporate taxes are both the most discussed and misunderstood topic among small businesses. Having a tax plan and understanding your company’s tax liability is the best way to minimize your tax burden.

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Business Tax Services

Tax services are a major component of our business. As Certified Public Accountants, we have decades of experience planning and preparing taxes. We also have represented our clients before the IRS, at many locations and for many reasons. Our broad scope of knowledge allows us to seamlessly integrate all tax-related services to our clients, ensuring that their financial objectives receive individualized attention. The tax laws are in constant flux. Large or small changes can have an enormous impact on businesses of any size. Dritsas Groom McCormick has committed substantial resources to keeping abreast of the latest tax law changes as well as proposed changes. We also constantly monitor the effects of executive-branch actions, newly-issued IRS revenue rulings and procedures, and tax-related court cases at both the federal and state level. Thus, Dritsas Groom McCormick is extraordinarily well-positioned to provide clients with the latest tax information that can affect their revenues, expenses and tax obligations. We help clients minimize their tax burdens by efficient planning and optimal structuring of transactions.

Scope of Tax Services

Dritsas Groom McCormick provides a comprehensive approach to business tax services so that all parts of a client’s tax puzzle fit together perfectly. Our tax services include:

Tax Planning and Consulting

We help our clients align their financial goals with efficient tax planning. Dritsas Groom McCormick assesses how each element of a financial goal can be accomplished in the most tax-efficient way. Planning helps to optimize the timing of revenues and expenditures; identify the least-cost, after-tax alternative among competing accounting treatments; and, avoid counterproductive tax-related activities. The result is to ensure that our clients pay their legal tax obligations and not a penny more.

Tax Preparation and Compliance

We ensures that all federal, state and local tax returns, forms and schedules are filed correctly, completely and on time.

Client Representation in Government Tax Examinations

We have the standing, experience and expertise to represent our clients on all matters before the IRS and state tax agencies. We understand the latest IRS policy decisions and how to provide the most effective counsel to our clients.

Business Formation and/or Acquisitions

We guide businesses through the maze of formation and acquisition activities that affect tax obligations.

Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans

We advise clients on the tax-efficiency of their current benefits plans and suggests alternatives that reduce clients’ tax obligations.

Property Transactions

The correct structuring of property transactions can save substantial tax costs. We review alternative solutions and the impact each one has on the client’s tax bill.

Succession Planning

Numerous tax-related issues arise when a company’s ownership is transferred or a key executive separates/retires. We can help minimize the impact of capital gains and other taxes on the company and on its executives. Dritsas Groom McCormick can address all of your business tax needs with the highest level of professionalism. We look forward to hearing from you and setting up an appointment to discuss your requirements.


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