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Dritsas Groom McCormick offers consulting services to any size company, from small startup to large corporation.

Dritsas Groom McCormick offers consulting services to any size company, from small startup to large corporation. Over 33 years of experience have given us the expertise to help entrepreneurs transform their visions into reality and to assist corporate managers in solving a variety of specialized challenges. We tackle operational, tactical and strategic assignments with equal ease, whether it’s refining an organization’s accounting procedures, preparing financial reports, projections, providing controllership services or analyzing alternative growth strategies.

Dritsas Groom McCormick also addresses the needs of individuals and families who require accounting and tax services, retirement and estate planning and other financial consulting services.

The Rapidly Changing Landscape

We devote a significant amount of our time to understanding the ever-changing laws, regulations and procedures that affect our customers’ finances. Whether its new tax obligations, deductions, revised generally accepted accounting principles, the effects of court decisions or the prospects for pending legislation, Dritsas Groom McCormick stays on top of the latest information so that we can offer timely, accurate advice to our clients. Profound changes in areas such as the health insurance industry, the merger of American and international accounting standards, revised rules governing hidden capitalization and depreciation treatments and the latest developments in auditing practices require individuals and organizations to remain deft. Dritsas Groom McCormick business and financial consulting provides the expertise our clients require to maintain their flexibility to respond to the latest financial opportunities.

Controlling Risk

One major benefit of using Dritsas Groom McCormick’s consulting services is risk mitigation. Our clients face risk from many sources, including:

  • The government, in the form of tax audits and regulatory investigations
  • Competitors who may be targeting a client’s company for an unfriendly acquisition
  • Suboptimal financial/accounting operations, policies and procedures
  • Fraudulent businesses and individuals
  • Key employee turnover and obsolete succession plans
  • Unanticipated macroeconomic changes that affect interest rates, inflation, and demand for our clients’ offerings
  • The ballooning costs of employee benefits and retirement plans

Dritsas Groom McCormick consulting services help our clients prepare for threats known and unknown, through activities such as tax compliance, strategic planning, financial/accounting procedure optimization, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions support, financial projections, and new solutions for employee benefits.

It would be our pleasure to speak with you about the many ways Dritsas Groom McCormick consulting services can help you grow your business, strengthen your finances and prepare for the future. Please complete the short contact form or call us at (559) 447-8484 — we look forward to partnering with you!


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